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Tuesday Toolbox: Dan Reinhart

Tuesday Toolbox: Dan Reinhart

Tuesday, July 5, 2022 | 4:20 PM
Tuesday, July 5, 2022 | 4:20 PM

Any athlete will tell you, it is progress not perfection. Always moving forward, learning how to adapt, getting better, and maintaining progression. Eventually, with enough progress, you’re able to look back and say, “Wow! Look at how much better I am now than yesterday, last week, last month, or last year!”

RacerTV recently hit 100K subscribers on YouTube. First and foremost, on behalf of RacerTV, I’d like to thank the fans of GNCC, Loretta Lynn’s, Mini O’s, and RCSX. We also have to thank the amazing athletes whose passion for the sports we love are at the forefront driving interest in watching racing. And the good news is, we’re not done! We will continue to grow, adapt, and change as the industry needs.

It only seems appropriate that we talk to the man behind much of the success and progression at RacerTV, Dan Reinhart. It’s not an easy job. Trust me, I wouldn’t trade places with Dan on race day. I’m not sure anyone on our team would volunteer to switch him spots.

Dan Reinhart onsite setting up the RacerTV truck.
Dan Reinhart onsite setting up the RacerTV truck. Ken Hill Dan, let’s begin with a little about you. When did you start working for Racer Productions and how did you get involved with RacerTV?

Dan Reinhart: I started working for Racer Productions back in 2008. I was working at registration and doing my usual duties. Next thing I knew, I was managing RacerTV. Being that I was already a network guy, I fit the position and that was when I moved into the manager role at RacerTV.

What was your role in the beginning and what’s your role now?

In the beginning, it was really all about just making things work, getting things off the ground. Now, my full-time role is Managing RacerTV.

Being that you’ve been with RacerTV since the start how have you seen it grow and continue to move forward in production quality?

Oh man, from the start until now our production has improved tremendously. We still have a long way to go, but we continue to try and improve from week to week. We just hit 100k subscribers on YouTube, which tells me we’re doing something right. 

How important do you believe RacerTV’s coverage is to GNCC?

I believe that our fan base has come to depend on the coverage we provide. Especially family members that can’t make it to the event.

As you mentioned, RacerTV just set a milestone for itself, 100K subscribers on YouTube. Put that in perspective. You’ve got to feel good about the progress made over the years and see the racing community embrace the live coverage.

100k subscribers is huge! It sure put a smile on my face. It makes my day when we get a good show from the production side along with good racing. You can feel the enthusiasm from the fans interacting in the chat. 

Back in 2017, RacerTV crew getting cameras and equipment setup.
Back in 2017, RacerTV crew getting cameras and equipment setup. Ken Hill

RacerTV is more than just GNCC. It also covers Mini O’s, Ricky Carmichael’s Daytona Amateur Supercross, as well as Loretta Lynn’s. Obviously RacerTV is an important aspect of racing GNCC, giving the riders additional media coverage they didn’t have years ago. How important is that to the up-and-coming future of Supercross and Motocross, covering such monumental events like Loretta Lynn’s, RCSX, and Mini O’s?

I mean these upcoming athletes are getting more recognition now that you can “tune in” and watch who’s the fastest at Loretta’s, RCSX, and Mini O’s. It has to be important not just to the athletes but the teams recruiting upcoming athletes, it’s got to make it easier on them. The riders, fans, and those factory teams have enjoyed access to archived and live coverage we didn’t have years ago. I think it’s also good for riders looking for sponsorships. When a certain rider is getting camera time and you guys are in the booth saying their name and mentioning their team or sponsors, that’s a selling point for these athletes. 

What are some of the challenges setting up production for a live race in the middle of the woods, where we’re creating everything from internet service to camera shots 8 miles into the woods, organizing camera operators ETC versus setting up at a place like Daytona International Speedway?

Every event presents its own set up challenges and along with weather, it’s a surprise from week to week. GNCC’s are by far the most challenging as far as set up goes. Distance to shots, enough bandwidth to broadcast a show, all of our cameras are wireless, and the sound is wireless as well. When we show up to events like LL, RCSX and Mini O’s the structures are there, and all shots are visible. Our biggest challenge is RF interference and cables at Moto events.

In the six years I’ve worked with RacerTV, our production quality and value has leaped forward significantly. What goes into making sure we’re always moving forward with production quality?

Production quality is our team working together and coming up with ideas to improve. We have a weekly call to keep our heads together. Adam Gordon handles most of the production. Having a good team, with our fingers on the pulse makes a huge difference. Things happen, but overall, we’re able to dive in and overcome.

Dan working to get the wiring together at a GNCC event.
Dan working to get the wiring together at a GNCC event. Ken Hill

Walk us through a typical race weekend. When do you show up and get to work, and when are you wrapped up at a race location?

My team, Jordan and Dillon are boots on the ground at 8am the Thursday before the event. Setup Thursday and test on Friday. Then it is tear down time, we usually get out of the event on Sundays around 7 to 8 pm.

It takes a team, you’re the captain of the team, no doubt. But who are the men and women behind the scenes working as diligently as you are on race weekend?

We could not do it without Jordan McFadden, Dillon Acord, Adam Gordon, Nic Vosburg, Daniel Rogerson, Adam Adkins, Brett Tustin, Gabe Shull, Griff Cotter, Jon Carpenter, Chloe Adkins, Rodney Tomblin, Mikey Waynes, and most importantly the track crew for getting the track to our shots! 

Lastly, I know we’ve already talked about it. But 100K subscribers on YouTube! That has to make you feel good about what we’re doing. Anything else you’d like to add about this milestone, the work you’ve done, and the work we have ahead of us?

100k subscribers is freaking awesome! I’d like to add that we are going to continue to do the best we can to make our shows better and any feedback is always welcomed. We want to thank everyone that has stuck with us through the years! Looking forward to bringing you Loretta Lynn’s Live in a few weeks, and getting back to GNCC Racing in September!

More of the RacerTV crew working together to get the opening show recorded.
More of the RacerTV crew working together to get the opening show recorded. Ken Hill