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Pure Dominance from DP Brakes at Summer Break Of This Years Grand National Cross Country Series.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 | 4:40 PM

Pure Dominance from DP Brakes at Summer Break of this years Grand National Cross Country Series.

At summer break, DP Brakes are leading the way in pretty much every ATV category in the Grand National Cross Country Series. We congratulate all of our sponsored riders who represent our brand so well throughout the year so far. Wishing you all the best in September when the season starts up again. Enjoy your summer!! Here are a few of the standings our riders are ranked:

XC-1 Pro ATV:
All 13 Pro ATV racers are fitted with DP Brakes including
1st Walker Fowler, 2nd Brycen Neal, 3rd Cole Richardson,
Plus the rest of the Pro lineup.

4x4 Pro ATV:
11 out of the Top 12 are fitted with DP Brakes including 1st Landon Wolfe 2nd Cody Collier 3rd Robbie Pecorari.

XC-2 Pro-Am ATV:
1st Drew Landers 2nd Austin Abne

WXC Women ATV:
1st Hannah Hunter 2nd Traci Jeff N Traci Pickens 3rd Katelyn Osburn 4th Alicia McCormick

College A (16-21) ATV:
1st Grayson Eller 2nd Cody Forester 3rd Daulton Keyes 4th Tre Seiffert.

Vet A ATV:
1st Jeff Jeff N Traci Pickens.

College B (16-21) ATV:
1st Dominick Stevens

Schoolboy Sr. (14-17) ATV:
1st Layne McCormick 2nd John Glauda Jr

Schoolboy Jr (13-15) ATV
1st Dayton Hickey 2nd Michael Yodonis Jr.
George Hickey Michelle Heath Yodonis

16-18C ATV:
1st Damon Grishop

YXC1 Super Mini (13-15) ATV:
3rd Morgan Johnson

YXC2 Super Mini (12-13) ATV:
3rd Brody Pullen

125 Jr (8-11) ATV:
1st Bryce Pullen Billy Pullen

125 Sr (12-15) ATV:
1st Caden Johnson

90 Limited (8-12) ATV:
1st Bodie Buckhannon

Girls Sr. (12-15) ATV:
1st Hannah Moore

MXC1 (8-9) ATV Micro:
1st Bodie Buckhannon

MXC2 (6-8) ATV Micro:
1st Kody Buckhannon 2nd Reed Stevens

50 Sr. (6-7) ATV Micro:
1st Jase Strouse

50 Jr (4-5) ATV Micro:
1st Bentley Groves

90 Stock (8-9) ATV Micro
1st Ryder McCormick