Cometic Gasket Dominates 2019 GNCC Season

TimeThursday, November 14, 2019 | 1:45 PM

Cometic Gasket would like to congratulate all of our riders and teams on a successful 2019 season. With the high demands of GNCC racing, riders and engine builders continue to look to Cometic Gasket for the best sealing solutions on the market. Cometic Gasket would like to thank everyone that was a part of the 2019 season, as our riders and engine builders are integral part to our success.

Cometic Gasket won 6 National Championships including the ATV Pro overall and Youth Bike overall, with many other riders winning multiple rounds throughout the season. We look forward to seeing everyone at the banquet!



1st: Walker Fowler
4th: Cole Richardson
6th: Adam Mcgill

XC2 Pro am       
6th: Wyatt Wilkin
8th: Ronnie Rusch

Junior A
6th: Ben Danner
7th: Jeremy Ledonne

Vet B
2nd: Nick Miller
4th: Cody Stewart

4x4 Pro
2nd: Dwight Pollard
3rd: Robbie Pecorari

6th Sadie Gorrell

Schoolboy Sr.
1st: Layne McCormick

2nd:  Chad Hosenfeld

3rd: Brandon Hosenfeld

4th: Morgan Johnson
6th: Dayton Hickey

125 Jr.
4th: Alyssa Rodgers

Girl (8-15)
1st: Andrea Rodgers


3rd: Steward Baylor
10th: Grant Baylor

2nd: Craig Delong
5th: Liam Draper

Junior A/B
1st: Andrew Matusek

250C College
4th: Jeremy Ledonne

1st: Joseph Cunningham

85 7-11
1st: Andrew Segers
4th: Carson Hope 

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