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Quick Fill #34: This Week in GNCC

Quick Fill #34: This Week in GNCC

Thursday, September 20, 2018 | 6:15 PM
Thursday, September 20, 2018 | 6:15 PM

Welcome to Quick Fill. 

With another week in the books, we’re closer to finally getting back into the swing of GNCC Racing with next weekend’s Mason-Dixon GNCC in Mount Morris, Pennsylvania. This promises to be one of the coolest events of the season as this “new” event is actually a combination of two older GNCC events. If you haven’t already heard, the Mason-Dixon will consist of the Mathews Farm property that held GNCC events from 2001-2003 and will be crossing to the legendary High Point Raceway property, which hosted GNCC events for many years in addition to being a long-standing staple in the Pro Motocross series. 

This weekend proves to be a very unique opportunity for bike riders as the 28th annual DC Vet Homecoming will be taking place at High Point Raceway. Saturday will consist of GP-style Moto-X Country Racing and the traditional DC Vet Homecoming motocross event on Sunday. The GP event will give a little teaser of what to expect from the Mason-Dixon GNCC. The course will consist of woods and big European-style grass track sections but this year it will actually skip the motocross course, as a rescheduled PAMX event will be taking place at the same time. 

It’s well worth coming out to spend the weekend at High Point because this event is all about having fun in a laid back atmosphere. So if you’re interested in coming, click HERE for all the details on the weekend. Don’t miss it; this is going to be a great time! 

Check out some of the grass track for this weekend's Moto-X Country at the 28th Annual DC Vet Homecoming!
Check out some of the grass track for this weekend's Moto-X Country at the 28th Annual DC Vet Homecoming! Bolt-On's iPhone

A quick heads up on the Mason-Dixon event, we will be using the motocross track on the High Point Raceway property and we want to remind everyone of GNCC’s policy on motocross tracks. Due to the nature of off-road racing, there is generally no fence barrier around a GNCC Racing course. Team members and race fans are permitted trackside in most areas, but must maintain a safe distance from the course. However, in the event that all or portions of a motocross track restricted by a fence barrier is incorporated into the race course, then in that event team members and race fans are prohibited from accessing the motocross track. Trackside pitting is prohibited inside the fence barrier of a motocross track, and team members and race fans must remain outside the fence line. The infield of a motocross track is a restricted area, accessible by race officials and staff only. 

So when we roll into the Mason-Dixon, please remember that you are NOT permitted on the motocross course while the races are going on and we thank you for your cooperation. Due to being swamped getting things ready for this weekend (and next weekend’s!) events, we’re actually going to keep this week’s edition of Quick Fill on the extra short side as we’re working hard to get things ready to go. Be sure to check back next week, as we’ll definitely have a full low-down on the new Mason-Dixon GNCC. We’ll be several days into work there by this time next week, so we’ll have a full report on what to expect. So until then, enjoy your weekend and we hope to see a lot of you at High Point this weekend. Enjoy!