GNCC Racing

Ironman Parking Lottery Winners

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 | 7:10 PM

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Ironman Preferred Camping Lottery! If you see your name below, you will be receiving an email with instructions on how to obtain your parking pass and payment information. Thank you to all GNCC Racers for entering the lottery and good luck to everyone at the AMSOIL Ironman GNCC this weekend!

First Name Last Name
Walt Schumacher
Bruce Tewksbury
Chad Cockrell
Eric Palomaki
Donnie Pruett
Stacey Hankey
Matthew Lamberti
MCI Racing Myers
Adam White
Bret Zaro
Dustin Hendershot
Brad Dubois
Andrew Kane
Kip Atkins
Todd Ely
Lori Zeiler
Parker Henderson
Keaton Henderson
Kirk Galloway
Mike Beeler
Mark Koch
Michael Cavinee
Megan Sears
Kim Cotton
Ed Markoski
Walter Beroth
Scott Day
Billy Simpson
Mike  Miller
Chris Shaffer