KR4 Hits the Rattlesnake NEPG

KR4 Hits the Rattlesnake NEPG

TimeTuesday, July 25, 2017 | 10:30 AM
TimeTuesday, July 25, 2017 | 10:30 AM

CROSS FORK, PA (JULY 23, 2017) – Rocky Mountain ATV*MC/KR4/Husqvarna Team Hits Rattlesnake Enduro – NEPG Round Five of the Series in Cross Fork, Pennsylvania.

Over 500 riders filled the rows at the Rattlesnake Enduro this past weekend. Rains on Saturday created a slippery course on Sunday.
Over 500 riders filled the rows at the Rattlesnake Enduro this past weekend. Rains on Saturday created a slippery course on Sunday. Shan Moore 

The KR4 Husqvarna Arrive-N-Ride Team was out in full force once again with a full stable of riders representing multiple classes. Leading the charge on row 34 was KR4's, Grant Baylor who was ready for the challenge and finishing 4th on test one. On the second test of the day, Grant made some costly mistakes and end up with a 10th place finish which put him at the end of the pack. He would eventually finish the day out with a 8th place finish and keep his 3rd points for the championship.

"It was a rough day at the rattlesnake, I felt like I was riding well but my times were saying otherwise and I just made a few too many mistakes to get the job done. We're still third in points and healthy, so on to the next one!"

Grant Baylor, 8th Pro Class
Grant Baylor, 8th Pro Class Shan Moore
Tayla Jones, 1st Place Women's Elite
Tayla Jones, 1st Place Women's Elite Shan Moore

The dominance of Tayla Jones continues at the Rattlesnake and once again she rode a flawless race while she piloted her Husqvarna to a Women’s overall class win. Jones is obviously no stranger to winning in 2017, but the fact that she took this victory by over a 25 minute margin was very impressive. 

Conner Keegan had his best finish of the season at the Rattlesnake. Conner won test 5 in the 250A class and ended up finishing 36th overall for the day. 
"I had a fun day at the Rattlesnake and rode good all day except for a few crashes. Ended up 4th and 36th overall." -- Conner Keegan 

KR4 Lineup at the NEPG Rattlesnake
Grant Baylor - 8th Pro Class
Tayla Jones - 1st Women's Pro Class
Conner Keegan - 4th 250A
Colin Keegan - 25th 250A
Ambrocio Gutierrez - 4th 40+B
Brandon Keegan - 4th 200B
Maximo Gutierrez - 4th 200C
JeanCarlos Gutierrez - 30th OpenB

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