Coastal Racing ATV Team Report: Tomahawk GNCC

TimeTuesday, June 13, 2017 | 3:55 PM

Following a tough mudder at the previous round, the Coastal Racing/Answer/Maxxis/Waynesburg Yamaha ATV Team headed to Odessa, New York with optimism for Round 7 of the Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series. Team rider Drew Landers put forth an impressive come-from-behind performance on Saturday to earn his fifth podium appearance with 2nd place in the College A (16-21) class.

With a hearty class of 32 riders in the College A (16-21) class, Landers and his Coastal Racing teammate Eli Kiger had their work cut out for them after a bad start forced them to fight their way through the pack all afternoon. XC1 Pro ATV racer Brycen Neal battled for a podium position all afternoon before encountering an issue just minutes before the checkered flag. 

College A (16-21)

The day didn't start off in a favorable way for Coastal Racing/Yamaha teammates Landers and Kiger but both riders were able to make up some ground on the opening lap. Despite a dead last jump, Landers was able to pick his way through the pack on the opening lap where he came through in the 3rd place position after one lap of racing. Landers continued to charge ahead, making the pass for 2nd place on lap two.

From there, Landers continued to up the pace as he cut his deficit in half just before the white flag came out. On the fourth and final lap, Landers was able to cut the gap down to only 16 seconds behind the leader where he finished an impressive 2nd place for the day. 

Drew Landers continues his consistent season with 2nd place at Round 7.
Drew Landers continues his consistent season with 2nd place at Round 7. Ken Hill

"The day was tough, beginning with a dead last jump off the start. I had a couple misfortunes with other riders during the first lap that set me back again after making passes already but my Coastal Racing powered Yamaha was up for the challenge and propelled me through the pack quickly. I put my head down and charged all day long to bring the finishing gap between me and the leader to only 16 seconds. I'm beyond ready and excited to start preparation for the next round at Snowshoe! A special thank you to my Coastal Racing team and all of my sponsors for all that they do."

Meanwhile, Kiger was also forced to work his way through the pack on the opening lap after a bad start. Just as he was about to work his way into a top-ten position on lap two, Kiger experienced a big crash that sent him to the ground. The Pennsylvania native eventually remounted and continued his charge but an even bigger crash on the next lap was enough to end his race one lap early.

"Round 7 didn't go too well," Kiger said. "I started off in 32nd and made it up to 12th at the end of the first lap. I wrecked pretty good on the second lap and laid there on the ground for a good bit and then got going again. I rode way over my head and wrecked five times harder going way faster - everything is okay nothing is broken which is good."

After seven rounds of racing, Landers now sits 2nd overall in the College A (16-21) Championship Standings, while Kiger shifts down to 4th place overall.


In the XC1 Pro ATV class, Neal got a good jump off the line to capture a top-five position off the start where he quickly put himself into podium contention as the pack entered the woods on the opening lap. Neal was battling for the 2nd place position when he got pinched off by another rider, which caused him to hit a log and go over the bars.

Neal will return to Round 8 with vengeance.
Neal will return to Round 8 with vengeance. Ken Hill

Neal remounted and put himself back into the 4th place spot where he found himself battling once again for a podium position on the fourth and final lap of racing. Unfortunately, Neal encountered a problem with about one mile to go as his rear wheel and tire came off the machine, causing him to drop back to ultimately finish 13th in the XC1 Pro class for the day.

"It's definitely a bummer to come away with no points for the day," Neal said. "The day started off pretty well with a 5th place start going into the woods. I was feeling good and making my way toward the front but I got pinched off by another rider and hit a log, going over the bars. By the time I got up I was a little outside the top five and made my way back to 4th and continued to go back and forth with [Jarrod] McClure until the last lap when I ran into the issue." 

Tough luck for Neal, who broke down just before the finish.
Tough luck for Neal, who broke down just before the finish. Ken Hill

Despite the unfortunate outcome, Neal put forth a solid performance in New York as he maintained a top four position throughout the two-hour race. With six rounds remaining in the series, Neal sits tied for 3rd place in the Overall Championship Standings.

Next Event: GNCC Round 8 - June 24, 2017

Results from the Tomahawk GNCC - Saturday, June 10, 2017

XC1 Pro ATV Results

  1. Walker Fowler
  2. Adam McGill
  3. Chris Borich
  4. Brycen Neal (YAM)

College A (16-21) ATV Results

  1. John Glauda Jr.
  2. Drew Landers (YAM)
  3. Boedy Lamoreaux
  4. Eli Kiger (YAM)

Overall ATV Championship Standings

  1. Walker Fowler (205)
  2. Adam McGill (149)
  3. Brycen Neal (112)
  4. Chris Borich (112)
  5. Jarrod McClure (108)

College A (16-21) ATV Championship Standings

  1. John Glauda Jr. (120)
  2. Drew Landers (111)
  3. Boedy Lamoreaux (105)
  4. Eli Kiger (94)
  5. Tanner Walker (94)