Paul Whibley Race Report: Central Cross Country Round 4

TimeThursday, April 27, 2017 | 1:40 PM

Rider: Paul Whibley
Team: Yamaha
Bike: Yamaha YZ 125
Event: Central Cross Country Series Rnd 4
Result: 1st

Since being back from the States I have not being doing much riding ( no bike) but with the NZXC Series fast approaching I needed to get back on the track. I pulled my old YZ 125 out of the shed and lined up for latest round of the Central Cross Country Series just south of Eketahuna.

With the start line on what was dubbed the Eke airstrip getting a good start on the 125 was always going to be tough. I just hoped the rest of the track was not going to be so wide open.

Anyway by the time we reached turn one I was about 10th. I made a couple passes but it wasn’t until we crossed under the road and the track began to weave into some hill country I started really moving forward. Charlie Richardson took the early lead chased hard by Adrian Smith. I made a move on Adrian in some rough ground at the base of a steep choppy hill climb. Adrian wasn’t having any of that and twisted it and repassed me on the hill. At the top Charlie crashed into a log just over the brow of the hill and Adrian crashed into the log trying to avoid Charlie I think. I was on the other side and was able to ride past into the lead. From there it was clear sailing. Pulling a safe lead to the finish. The track turned out to be a pretty fun and the 125 was singing all day. 

1st: Paul Whibley

2nd: Adrian Smith

3rd: Daniel Cristie