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FMF KTM Factory Riders Capture Three Top-Five Finishes at Round 2 of GNCC Series in Georgia

Monday, March 14, 2016 | 10:00 AM

Round 2 of the 2016 Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series took place in Sparta, Georgia on Sunday, just seven days after the rough season opener in Florida. FMF KTM Factory riders captured two top-five finishes in the XC1 Pro Class with Kailub Russell finishing second and Russell Bobbitt taking home fourth. Additionally, Kacy Martinez scored her second straight victory in the WXC Class, along with the 10 a.m. overall win.

Kailub Russell finished second overall in the hot and humid Georgia conditions.
Kailub Russell finished second overall in the hot and humid Georgia conditions. Photo: Ken Hill

In the afternoon race, three-time GNCC National Champion Kailub Russell shot off the line to capture the holeshot and the early lead, with his teammate Bobbitt in fourth place off the start. Russell led the opening lap with Josh Strang close in tow and the leading duo quickly pulled a gap on the rest of the field. On lap two, both Russell and Strang stopped for fuel at the same time, with Russell maintaining the advantage out front. 

Russell Bobbitt finished an impressive fifth overall, and fourth in the XC1 Pro class.
Russell Bobbitt finished an impressive fifth overall, and fourth in the XC1 Pro class. Photo: Ken Hill

Meanwhile, Bobbitt was engaged in a battle for the third place position, first with Thad DuVall – who eventually ran out of gas and dropped back – and then Steward Baylor Jr. On the final lap, Bobbitt held a favorable position as he was on his way to a podium finish in the third place position. However, with Baylor pressuring him closely, the former National Enduro Champion went down on the final lap, which allowed Baylor to make his move into the third place position. 

“I was coming around the last lap and I got a pit board from the team saying, ‘I’m impressed,’ and then I immediately crashed well within their sights,” Bobbitt laughed. “After I went down Baylor was able to capitalize on my mistake and take over the podium position.” 

Just before the start of the final lap, Russell started to feel the effects of the Georgia heat. While leading Strang on the final lap, Russell began slowing down due to his condition and eventually stopped near his pit to drink some water. Russell’s time in the pits allowed Strang to make the pass for the lead and ultimately pull away as they neared the checkered flag.

Kacy Martinez took home another WXC win in Georgia.
Kacy Martinez took home another WXC win in Georgia. Photo: Ken Hill

Russell commented, “I haven’t been on the bike that much since my knee injury and racing hard in the hot and humid conditions really took a toll on me. I’m glad I finished the full three-hours in one piece and I was able to gain points toward the championship.” 

Russell went on to salvage a second place finish, despite feeling under the weather. Bobbitt, who made his first GNCC appearance of the season, finished an impressive fourth place in the XC1 Pro Class.

FMF KTM Factory Team rider Charlie Mullins missed the first two rounds of the GNCC Series due to a foot injury suffered during pre-season. Mullins is expected to return for round three of the series.

Martinez is 2-for-2 in 2016!
Martinez is 2-for-2 in 2016! Photo: Ken Hill

FMF KTM Factory Team rider Kacy Martinez captured her second straight victory of the season in the WXC class, where she also claimed the overall win with nearly 400 riders in the 10 a.m. race. The reigning WXC Champion rode a flawless race at the second round, leading all four laps to secure the win by over one minute. 

Next Event: Morganton, North Carolina – April 3, 2016 

Overall Results (XC1 Pro and XC2 Pro Lites Combined) –

1.     Josh Strang

2.     Kailub Russell – KTM 

3.     Trevor Bollinger 

4.     Steward Baylor Jr. – KTM

5.     Russell Bobbitt – KTM

6.     Jason Thomas 

7.     Ryan Sipes 

8.     Jesse Groemm 

9.     Daniel Milner

10.Thad DuVall

Results WXC Class 

1.     Kacy Martinez – KTM

2.     Becca Sheets 

3.     Sarah Baldwin 

4.     Brooke Cosner

5.     Ashley Copeland – KTM 

6.     Allie Spurgeon – KTM

7.     Rachel Gutish – KTM

Overall Point Standings

1.     Josh Strang (60)

2.     Kailub Russell (46) 

3.     Daniel Milner (37)

4.     Trevor Bollinger (33) 

5.     Ryan Sipes (30)

6.     Steward Baylor Jr. (29)

7.     Chris Bach (25)

8.     Grant Baylor (24)

9.     Jesse Groemm (20) 

10.Ricky Russell (20)

Overall Point Standings WXC 

1.     Kacy Martinez (40) 

2.     Becca Sheets (38)

3.     Brooke Cosner (35) 

4.     Allie Spurgeon (31)