GNCC Racing

Paul Whibley Race Report: Final Round of the Sandpit Series

Thursday, October 1, 2015 | 9:45 AM

Final round of the Sandpit series was held north of Helensville. 

I got a good start from the second row and quickly passed the team riders who started on the front row. Once up front I pushed hard to make a break on the other riders. 

The track was half the usual pine forest and half scrubby farmland. The soil was still sandy and the farmland had an awesome flow to it. Weaving through stands of Manuka, up and down rolling hills with a couple natural jumps. 

After three laps I gassed up and set out for another hour and a half. I had a good lead although I didn’t know how much of the lead. All I knew was I couldn’t see anyone coming through scoring after I gassed.

I continued to put in safe laps, although careful not to put it in cruise mode as my teammate Adam Reeves had been riding well recently and I didn’t want him sneaking up on me.

With the clock ticking down I came through scoring a few minutes before it ticked over to the three-hour mark and got out for an extra lap. 

With the win I wrapped up the series. First time I had competed in this series and I really enjoyed the tracks and the racing.

1st: Paul Whibley
2nd: Adam Reeves
3rd: Cody Davey