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DirtWise/Maxxis/KLIM Race Report: Dunlop Tomahawk GNCC

Monday, May 11, 2015 | 12:15 PM

DirtWise/Maxxis/KLIM Race team rider Jason Thomas continued his great start to the 2015 race season, with a triumphant 1st place finish at Round 6 of the GNCC series, held over the weekend in New York.

Aiming for another strong run at the XC2 Championship in 2015, Thomas impressed all by running up front for the first part of the race before putting the hammer down from there to score an easy 1.5 minute victory. "What a great race it was today! These nasty conditions really suited me as it's exactly the type of riding I did when I was growing up. But the day didn't go entirely smooth for me as I made a total rookie mistake before the race and put an aftermarket reed block in my bike and didn't bother to test it extensively - well, doing that made the bike act really rich with the jetting and run like crap as everyone at the race could hear so I want to apologize to my team for the additional unnecessary stress this caused. I should have known better after all of these years of racing to do that, but anyhow out on the track I was still able to gap everyone quite easily for a few laps in the middle of the race, and then from there I just cruised the last few laps and brought it home for another victory!"

Jason Thomas captured his fourth XC2 Pro Lites win of the season
Jason Thomas captured his fourth XC2 Pro Lites win of the season Photo: Courtesy of Shane Watts

Thomas now has a healthy 37 point lead in the Championship standings. 

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