GNCC Racing

Slightly Bent Racing Report: The Maxxis General GNCC

Thursday, March 19, 2015 | 10:25 AM

It's amazing what a week can do. Round 1 may have given us a much needed break from old man winter with a little sun, sand and racing, but round 2 made sure to remind us that in GNCC racing be prepared for anything! Mud was the order of the day at this year's running of The General presented by Maxxis. While this track isn't known for it's extreme elevation changes or intense rock gardens, it is known for it's red Georgia clay, and when you combine that clay with a fair amount of rain, then wave a flag allowing hundreds of quads to take to the woods, I think you get the point.  Fire 'em up and let's get started!

The first to get a taste of the muddy life at 10am was 24+C rider Jason Gautier. Taking home a 6th place in those conditions is not a bad way to start off the season.  Making a last minute class change to 4x4 Lites on his Kymco Maxxer 450i is the #920 of Donnie Pruett.  Having that 4x4 definitely had it's advantages sending Donnie back home with a 2nd place finish.  The rough conditions took their toll early on 16-18C rider Daniel Gwinn as mechanical issue took him out of race soon after the start.

While our afternoon riders bore witness to the worsening conditions of the AM race, in true GNCC style they strapped on their helmets anyway and headed to the line.  College B rider Colton White was sidelined early with a mud related mechanical issue soon after completing lap 1.  Back to the drawing board for this young man as we head to his home state in two weeks.  A better hand was dealt to our other College B rider, CJ Dawson.  After stalling the quad at start, CJ chose his lines wisely and made his way into 1st where he stayed until the mud buildup took away his brakes.  He kept his cool and rode the rest of the race conservatively only losing one spot and taking home 2nd place.  College A rider Brandon Icard also ran into trouble ending his day in 15th.  This race seemed to go from one extreme to the next, which puts us into the Vet B class with Dan Webb on the BNR Motorsports backed Yamaha.  Things were looking grim on lap 1 when Dan sunk the quad into a deep rut and was left fighting the muck until Senior A/B rider Rusty Repass happened upon the scene and sacrificed time on his own race to help out. Once they got Dan back on track they took a deep breath and started charging with Dan taking home a 3rd place and Rusty taking home 4th.

Time to head home and get everything washed and ready for round 3 at the famous Steele Creek campground.  While your waiting, be sure to head over to and check out what's going on in your neck of the woods.  A little hunting, fishing, or 4-wheeling for those of you who didn't get enough mud this weekend.  And before you head out on that camping trip you found, check out our friends at Disc-O-Bed for the latest in outdoors sleep solutions. As always we’d like to give a huge thanks to Waynesburg Yamaha, Fasst Company, and SSI Decals for the continued support.  See you in 2 weeks!