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Josh Strang Joins Husqvarna Factory Racing

Thursday, December 4, 2014 | 4:20 PM

Husqvarna is thrilled to announce Josh Strang as the newest member of the Husqvarna Factory Racing team! The Australian native inked a 2-year deal with Husqvarna, and will be contesting the 2015 GNCC Series aboard a Husqvarna FC 450 in the XC1 Pro class, and will also race the National Enduro series aboard an FC 350.

"I have been a Husky guy ever since I could remember," Strang said. "My dad used to race them and that is all I ever wanted to ride! Joining Husqvarna really brings back memories, and puts a lot of excitement back into my racing program."

The 2010 GNCC Champion is looking forward to reasserting himself in the series, as well as making a strong effort in the AMA National Enduro scene, both of which he feels he can accomplish through the support of Husqvarna Factory Racing.

"I am confident that Husqvarna can give me everything I need to win another GNCC Championship," Strang commented. "I'm really happy with this decision and can't wait to get things rolling!"

Team Manager Timmy Weigand is also enthusiastic about Strang's move to Husqvarna. "I'm excited about the opportunity Strang brings to the team on the GNCC front. He has a lot of experience with 14 career wins and a championship under his belt. We are confident that with Husqvarna Factory Racing behind him, Josh will be on top again in 2015," said Weigand.

Look for a major announcement from Husqvarna regarding the entire roster of the 2015 Factory Off-road Team and support riders coming soon...

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