Rd 4 - VP Racing Fuels Big Buck

LocationBig Buck Farm - Union, SC
TimeApril 16, 2016 - April 17, 2016
StarUTV - Round 2

Est: 1997


$20 Adult (12+)
$10 Kids (6-11)
5 & under free

Join us as we celebrate the 20th Annual Big Buck GNCC April 16-17, 2016!

Special Information:

  1. StukMX will be hosting a Party in the Pits with sponsored Pro riders on Saturday, April 16, at 7:30 pm.

The Big Buck course presents the standard GNCC obstacles; everything from tight woods, to fields, creek crossings, rocks and hill climbs. It’s a fast, wide-open course, but it's definitely not easy! The field sections are very fast and they get chopped up and rough as the weekend goes on, so you need to have your suspension dialed in.

Usually, a spectacular creek jump is incorporated to the course where the riders launch off of a bank and over the water. Of course, there’s a path around the jump for those who aren’t as comfortable with air time.

The Big Buck facility is owned by Henry Turner and his family, and they are big fans and supporters of GNCC Racing. Even the town of Union gets behind the Big Buck big time.

Since the course gets rough, riders need to be smart. New lines often open up throughout the race, so constantly scanning the terrain for a smoother route can save energy and reduce risks. Most of the tough sections, the hills and mud, are pretty basic, which means the winner will be the rider who runs through the trees fastest.

The soil at Big Buck is unique. It isn't a sandy soil that people associate with South Carolina. It's more of a clay base that can get slick when it's wet, and gets very silty and almost feels like sand when it's dry. The course is winding and can be tight. In fact, the quads usually have a section of tight trail, and the bikes have their own section of even tighter trail. If you're not a single track expert, don't worry, the sections are short and multiple lines open up.

When it comes to places to eat at Big Buck, there's a variety of choices. The nearby town of Clinton, South Carolina has several dining choices:

Fatz Cafe
179 E Corporate Center Dr, Clinton, SC
Located by The Hampton Inn off I-26, Fatz Cafe offers many choices ranging from seafood and chicken to pasta, steaks, and more more.

Senor Garcia Mexican Restaurant 
107 Jacobs Hwy, Clinton, SC
Always a favorite of the GNCC Racing crew and racers alike, Senor Garcia offers up the usual Mexican Restaurant menu, with an exceptional taste. 

Dempsey's Pizza
910 S Broad St, Clinton, SC
Dempsey's Pizza offers up a fantastic pizza buffet at a fair price!

There's plenty more delicious places to discover in Clinton, and the town of Union as well!