2020 Contingency

For the 2020 GNCC Season, the following companies require an online form filled out after each event: CST Tires, Maxxis, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha. You can find the links below to each companies contingency page to fill out the necessary forms.

At the GNCC events Dunlop and GBC Tire forms will be available to pick up at registration, just ask one of the staff workers for one. However, you can also download the forms by following the links below:

Company ATV Value Bike Value
Cobra (65cc / 50cc Bike Classes) $5,600
CST Tires $83,200 $80,600
Dunlop $57,700
GBC Tires $55,100
Honda $70,200 $354,900
Husqvarna $353,600
Kawasaki $466,700
KTM $353,600
Maxxis $80,275 $71,500
Suzuki $179,400
Yamaha $471,250
Yamaha (XC1 ATV Championship Bonus) $10,000
Yamaha (XC2 ATV Top 5 Championship Bonus) $5,500
Yamaha - Jr. A & B / College A & B ($500 Gift Card for Championship) $2,000
Total: $306,275 $2,394,850

Contingency numbers are updated weekly, please check back frequently.