Quick Fill #12: This Week in GNCC

Quick Fill #12: This Week in GNCC

TimeFriday, March 27, 2020 | 6:30 PM
TimeFriday, March 27, 2020 | 6:30 PM

Welcome to Quick Fill.

This week’s edition of Quick Fill comes to you from my garage. I’ve been handling the reins of Quick Fill for around five years now, and been contributing to Quick Fill for, well, I honestly can’t remember how long now. I’ve written these contributions in the Racer Productions office, at the track, in hotel rooms, in campers, here and there, I’ve written them just about everywhere. But, this is the first time I’ve ever written this up in my garage. This is actually pretty cool. I’m nestled up between my toolbox, and just a few feet from my DRZ250 and KTM 300XC-W; both of which are begging to be ridden.

Much like many of you reading this, the whole GNCC crew has been spending a lot more time at home and I’m sure some of you are going a bit stir crazy. I’m in the same boat, but keep in mind that if we all do our parts now to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, the sooner this will all come to a close and we’ll be back to normal. With a lack of racing happening right now, news is a bit slow and some of the guys have been rather quiet and taking their social distancing pretty serious by even distancing themselves from social media.

The good news is that we’ve got some cool projects in the works to keep the GNCC Racing Nation entertained while we’re on a break from the races. You’ll be seeing something pretty cool later this weekend, so make sure you’re tuned to the GNCC social media channels to check it out. I don’t want to ruin it too much but we’ve began a new project we’re calling “RacerTV Behind The Bars” and the gist of it is that there will be several of us watching one of the old GNCC TV shows with some insight from those who were involved.

The first episode will air Sunday at 1PM, just as if we were getting ready to start a normal GNCC Pro bike race. We actually shot this first episode this week with Griff Cotter and myself acting as hosts along with insight from Barry Hawk, Charlie Mullins and Mike Lafferty, all joining us virtually. Getting together with these guys and doing a bit of bench racing was really cool, and I have to say hats off to Griff for leading this show and asking these guys some awesome questions to roll things along.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise of what event we sat down and watched as I think that will be cool to wait and see, but it turned out to be a good race and getting these guys to talk about how that particular race went from them, as well as info from their entire careers will definitely make this something you want to watch. We do have plans to do more of these, so make sure you check this first episode out when it premieres online this Sunday. Then if you have any suggestions about other RacerTV episodes that you think would make a great “Behind The Bars” show, drop me a line at [email protected] and let me know what you’d like to see!

For me, this was a cool experience. I can jump in front of the camera and talk about the track all day long, or go back and forth with Rodney or Mikey talking about darn near anything, but this started out to be a bit out of my comfort zone and I was a little leery of serving as somewhat of a co-host, as I really wasn’t totally prepared. However, once we got rolling and I saw how cool this show was going to be, I had a lot of fun making it happen and can’t wait to do some more.

Taking a glance across some of the social media platforms this week showed me that everyone is taking their social distancing pretty serious but also making time for some various projects. Kailub Russell has been working on building a pretty nice riding facility in North Carolina, and it seems like they went from a field full of dirt to a killer motocross track overnight. Obviously it took more work than that, but it’s pretty impressive to see how quickly it all came together and it will be cool to see more from KR soon.

Speaking of riding facilities, Jessica Patterson has a new project in the works as well. If you’re super new to GNCC Racing, JP Money came from the motocross world and did really well in the WXC class for a few years before retiring from full-time racing. She and her husband, Eddie Ray, moved up to South Carolina from Florida while Jessica was racing GNCC full-time and ended up running Travelers Rest Speedway, a dirt track in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. Of course they added a motocross track to the facility and now they’re building another facility about a half hour from the current one.

This facility will be called NXT Level Motorsports Park and they’ve got some big plans. They’ve got a killer motocross track nearly completed and also have plans for some kids tracks, a flat track and go-kart track as well. It’s pretty cool to see places like this coming up when and it sounds like it will be a really cool facility for those looking to do some riding in the future. You can follow along on Facebook HERE.

On the ATV side, well, you guys are doing a great job at keeping your social distance from social media… Except for Adam McGill. If you don’t follow McGill on Instagram, do yourself a favor and hit the follow button. The stuff this guy comes up with isn’t always the most ‘PC’ content, but boy is it hilarious! Adam did a little piece earlier this week on his Moose Racing gear and why he enjoys racing in it, and well, it’s worth the view. Look Adam up on Instagram HERE.

That's going to do it for this week's edition of Quick Fill. We do have a bit from Ken Hill this week, so keep reading! Other than that, enjoy your weekend and we'll see you back here next week for another edition of Quick Fill!

Hannah Hunter has been on fire so far in 2020!
Hannah Hunter has been on fire so far in 2020! Ken Hill

Catching Up With Ken (Ken Hill)

Ok so last week was a big blur as everyone started seeing series after series fall to this Coronavirus panic that has gripped the world, myself included. My panic was not related to anything beyond diving head first into getting the needed work done here starting seeds for our garden and what not, and by the time my thought process hit to write my contribution to Quick Fill it was Sunday! Not really sure how I lost a few days but I did. Looking back on the massive amount of changes to so many series I am probably not alone because I am here to tell you that has to be a nightmare to deal with if you are in the portion of the series that makes the calls needed to cancel or reschedule, or a host of things that goes into all this that many of us never give consideration to.

I caught a glimpse of it at the General as the situation elevated in just a matter of hours as states started shutting down any public gatherings. My hats off to those involved as they hurriedly scurried about on conference calls, emails, texts and such to get things ironed out as lightening speed. Sure, changes have been made in years gone by but never at the scale and scope of what we face currently.

So here I am, hands wet and dirty punching keys because I almost forgot it was time for Quick Fill again. We don’t get cable TV or local news so it’s a bit of info here and there on the World Wide Web to try and keep up with things, which is proving to be difficult. Thankfully I have a friends list on social media that seem to be three steps ahead of everyone else and they fill me in on whether I should roll on or roll out! From a few posts I do see many of you trying to stay on the bars and keep rolling until we break out of this mess and can go racing again and trust me, I am right there with you. I am surely grateful fort being able to get work done and no one I know is sick so its pass the time with some productivity and press forward.

Missing last weeks article, I did not get to throw my two cents in on how I saw things go down in Georgia and overall it was a pretty solid weekend of racing. Hannah Hunter nailed another WXC win along with Walker Fowler and Landon Wolfe all claiming bragging rights as we headed in to the eMTB race where Charlie Mullins started the 2020 season off with a win. Sunday was one to watch and the WXC class had my full attention as Becca Sheets was in the lead and looking for another win, which she indeed found. What impressed me was she took that win and earned it without any big issues from her competition being thrown in the mix. Confidence can do wonders and after that round Becca had her sails full however the immediate halt to all racing might prove to be the biggest test yet. If she can come out swinging when we get back to racing I think she has an honest shot at reclaiming the number one plate at seasons end.

Now I usually do not write much about the bikes as Jared covers them pretty well but the pot was on full simmer as the 1 pm race took to the line. The Baylor boys got smacked pretty hard in Florida and I knew they wanted a shot at redemption. Kailub Russell has a tight grip on things but watching the race play out showed us all that if Steward can keep his ride running, he can challenge for the center spot on the box. Now that is not meant to be a knock against Sherco, we all know it might take a season to find out any weak links that they have when operated at the level Steward can run at. The proof will be in the pudding as we watch the season unfold for sure. Bar to bar racing just makes the day fun and I know I wish ever round was as intense as the last few minutes of that race.

That’s about all from me this week, I wish all of you health and safety at this time and remember we will all get through it just avoid crowds, wash them hands and use common sense. As always, may the good Lord continue to bless us all!