50cc Micro Rules

The following rules and regulations supplement the GNCC Amateur Competition Rules and are solely applicable to Grand National Cross Country events. Please direct all questions and inquiries to Racer Productions, Inc. All decisions by Racer Productions are final.


  1. Schedule: 50cc Micro classes will be conducted at 6 Select Events Only. Please refer to the Series Schedule for select events.
  2. Registration: Race Day 2-3 pm  
  3. Race Time: Bike: 4:30 pm / ATV: 5:15 pm *Rd.1 only: 11:30 am
  4. Start Procedure: Live engine
  5. Race Length: 30 min.
  6. Course Length: 0.5 - 1 mile
  7. Awards: 1 per 3 riders, with a minimum of 5 awards per class. Award or Participant medals to all.


  1. Classes:
    Class Name Machine Requirements
    50 Sr. (7-9) 0-51cc 2-Stroke; 0-70cc 4-Stroke
    50 Jr. (4-6) 0-51cc 2-Stroke; 0-70cc 4-Stroke
    Casual Trail (7-9) 0-65cc 2-Stroke; 0-90cc 4-Stroke
    50 Open Sr. (7-11) 0-50cc
    50 Open Jr. (4-6) 0-50cc
  2. Casual Trail (Bike): Limited to the beginner, non-competitive casual rider.  Class is not eligible for national points, series awards or contingency.


  1. Entry Fee: $25
  2. Transponders: Not required
  3. Restriction: Micro racers may not participate in Youth race of the same discipline (i.e., Bike or ATV).  However, Youth ATV racers may participate in the Micro Bike race.


Micro class championships will be determined by the rider’s best finishes in a minimum number of 5 events.  A rider must enter a minimum of 5 events in order to be eligible for series awards and national class ranking.  The minimum number of events does not have to be in the same class. 

Ties: Ties for the class championship will be broken by the most first place finishes, then by the best finish in the final race of the season if necessary. Ties for other amateur class positions will be broken by the best finish in the final race of the season.
Points will be earned in each class per event as follows:
1-20 6-15 11-10 16-5
2-19 7-14 12-9 17-4
3-18 8-13 13-8 18-3
4-17 9-12 14-7 19-2
5-16 10-11 15-6 20-1


The electronic scoring system provides a complete overall race finish for each event. Points will be accumulated for National Number assignment and can be viewed as a gage toward overall ranking for the year.

Micro National Numbers will be assigned based on overall finishes in at least 4 and as many as 6 events. The minimum number of events does not have to be in the same class. 

Revised: 1.25.13
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