Rd 2 - The Maxxis General

LocationAonia Pass Motocross Park - Washington, GA
TimeMarch 14, 2015- March 15, 2015
StarUTV - Round 1

Est: 2003

Georgia’s distinctive red clay makes "The General" what it is. If there’s rain, the soil gets soft, builds deep ruts and can be very slick, so be careful when approaching traffic and bottlenecks. But when it’s dry, this course gets hard and fast.

This course offers a motocross track with some decent jumps at the Aonia Pass Motocross track, but if you’re not an aerialist, don’t worry, the jumps are tamed for the GNCC. The motocross track makes for a good passing spot if you can’t get around someone in the woods, but remember, you can only make up a few seconds out of the two-hour race there, so don’t take too many risks. 

The trails range from fast and flowing, to tight and twisty, and there's typically some short sections of single track for the bikes. Exposed roots are common on the course at The General and can make for a rough ride as the race day wears on, but can also provide the chance to be used as a take-off to jump over other roots.

Hill climbs aren't an issue at The General as the land rolls very gently and any hills are usually short. As the race weekend wears on, small rocks will become exposed too, so be careful of the roost from other riders when following closely. Not just because of the pebbles, but also because washing the red clay from rider and machine can be the biggest challenge!

When you venture back to I-20 and the town of Thomson, Georgia, there's plenty of opportunities for places to eat. 

Hogie Joe's Sports Grill
128 Railroad St, Thomson, GA
Hogie Joe's offers up sandwiches, burgers and more at a great value and even puts a few twists on some of your favorites.

2217 Harrison Dr, Thomson, GA
Comparable to Golden Corral, Ryan's is always a favorite for groups who want many options from a buffet.

El Kiosco Mexican Restaurant
1068 Washington Rd, Thomson, GA
Mexican food is always a popular choice, maybe not always the night before you race, but many have found El Kiosco to be a favorite stop in Thomson.